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A Business That Works for Woman
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September 26, 2008

Ambit Energy applies to join - The Direct Selling Association (DSA), it's the national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers.
The Direct Selling Association (DSA)
 Status - Pending Membership 

September 13, 2008

FREE Energy  Dallas based Retail Energy provider, Ambit Energy, rolled out it’s newest Customer Reward Program. Read More

September 13, 2008

Ambit Energy’s  Annual Conference.
Click the image below to see details
View photos and videos from Ambition 2008 - Ambit Energy 2nd annual convention

April 8, 2008

Texas Electric Deregulation Has Been Plus For Citizens

In its new report, "Texas Electric Meter: Measuring the Effects of Electricity Deregulation," the Foundation puts a pencil to the debate. ... Read More

November 15, 2007

Ambit Energy’s 1st Annual Conference.
Click the image below to see details View photos and videos from Ambition 2007 - Ambit Energy 1st annual convention

"A Few Ambitious People"
Watch the Video of  A Few Ambitious People by Ronny Kirkland.
Ronny Kirkland - National Consultant

October 2007
Ambit Energy The nation’s most explosive network marketing company and one of the best and easiest home based businesses.
Jason Kale – Entrepreneur Weekly



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Your Energy, Your Choice
Enroll Now - Become a Customer




Did you current provider give you a free gift when you switched? 


We're so convinced you'll enjoy our personalized service and great savings that we'll give you a gift just for giving it a try. Sign up for Ambit Energy service today and we'll include a FREE Getaway for 2 certificate in your new customer Welcome Package.

You will be required to deposit $50 at time of booking for U.S taxes. Any excess will be refunded by check. No-shows will forfeit the whole deposit.


Our Getaway for 2 certificates offer 3 days and 2 nights complimentary deluxe hotel accommodation at any of 26 exciting U.S. destinations and 6 Exotic destinations.


Daytona Beach, FL

Destin, FL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Orlando, FL

Maine Coast

Myrtle Beach, SC

Hilton Head, SC

Williamsburg, VA

Atlantic City, NJ

Massachusetts Lakes

Pocono Mountains, PA

Pagosa Springs, CO

Wisconson Dells, WI

Lake Tahoe, NV

Las Vegas, NV

Fargo, SD

Palm Springs, CA

Reno, NV

Sedona, AZ

Nashville, TN

Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN

Branson, MO

San Antonio, TX

Indianapolis, IN

Des Moines, IA


Aruba Dutch Caribbean

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Cozumel, Mexico

Dominican Republic

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Rewards Program

Are you accruing rewards point with your current provider? 

Ambit Energy values your business and wants to keep it. That's why we've designed one of the most attractive customer reward programs in the industry. As you use Ambit Energy service every month, you will accumulate Reward Points which you can redeem for incredible vacation and cruise packages.

Discount Carnival Cruise  - pop-up window

Discount Carnival Cruise(25,000 Rewards Points)

Customer Referrals Program 
1.  The ability to earn Free Energy monthly with the Customer  Bill Credit Program.
2.  As you use Ambit Energy service every month, you will accumulate Reward Points which you can redeem for incredible vacation and cruise packages.
3.  Win Free Travel !

Tired Of High Energy Bills?

Join Ambit Energy, Refer Some Friends, and
Get A Credit On Your Electric Bill
MONTH, after MONTH, after MONTH


Sample Free Electricity Bill

Dear Future Ambit Energy Customer,

Yes, You read the headline correctly. As of Sept 13, 2008, Ambit Energy has just rolled out their newest Customer Reward Program. FREE ENERGY - BILL CREDIT PROGRAM*.

This new program is unique and is the greatest reward program to date from Ambit Energy. So how do you benefit from this program. How does it all work?

  All residential energy accounts in Ambit Energy service areas are eligible.

  Join Ambit Energy as a Switching or New (Texas only) residental service Customer. 
  Existing Ambit Energy Customers can use the customers they have previously referred, who are still active and in good standing.
  Refer 15 or more Customers to our service through your FREE Customer website.
  Receive a credit on your energy bill, equal to the AVERAGE of your 15+ customers.
  Credit applies as long as you have a MINIMUM of 15 customers paying monthly.

  If the average credit is more than your energy bill, your energy bill is totally FREE.
  Refer more than 15 customers, so that you always have a cushion of at least 15.

Don't wait another moment, take advantage of Ambit Energy's Customer Bill Credit program. FREE ENERGY FAQs!   

*In order to be included in the calculation to determine the amount of credit the referring customer will receive, if any, a referred customer must be active and in good standing with Ambit Energy, and must pay their bill. The referring customer (you) cannot receive a credit such that it generates a negative balance. The amount of the credit is equal to the average amount of all customer payments. Texas customers will receive a credit on their bill up to the entire amount of their bill. Illinois customers will receive a credit on their bill for up to the entire amount of the energy supply portion of their bill. New York customers can receive a check for up to the entire amount of the energy supply portion of their bill.

It’s like instantly earning 25,000 to 45,000 Travel Rewards Points! To earn exciting free travel packages, simply refer us to family, friends and colleagues who’d like to save money on their monthly energy bills. When just five of these people enroll for Ambit Energy service, you can choose from six of our travel packages!*

When’s the last time your energy company gave you a chance to earn free travel?

Keep referring your friends.
Whenever you think of someone who could benefit from our service, just send them to your very own Customer Referral website. 

 We provide you with your own SelfCare website. The SelfCare website will provide you with a tool that allows you to help your friends and family also save with Ambit Energy Service!



Your friends will receive a friendly email from you and Ambit Energy about how they can too can save on their energy bill and earn free travel. When five friends enroll for Ambit Energy service, and have service for 60 days, you’ve earned your reward!


1. Log in to your Ambit Self-Care website at: https://care.ambitenergy.com

2. Click on "Earn Free Travel"

3. Scroll down to the form and fill in the names and email addresses of ten friends.

4. Click SEND




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